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Prof T Srinivas

Professor Evaluation of Urban Open spaces, Safety in the Bui... View Profile

Prof G Subbaiyan

Professor Fear of Crime and Built Environment, Architectural... View Profile

Mr S Rajendra Babu

Associate Professor Landscape Architecture... View Profile

Dr K Thirumaran

Associate Professor Urban Design and Architectural Conservation, Cost ... View Profile

Dr L Saikala

Associate Professor Civil engineering and Structural engineering... View Profile

Mr Wilson Frederick

Associate Professor Architecture, Planning... View Profile

Mr K Premkumar

Associate Professor Architectural Psychology and Architectural Critici... View Profile

Dr A Meenatchi Sundaram

Associate Professor Architecture , Landscape Architecture... View Profile

Ms Bellatrix Valdaris

Associate Professor History of Architecture, Computer Applications in ... View Profile

Ms G Sangeetha

Assistant Professor Building Technology and Construction Management... View Profile

Dr D Kannamma

Assistant Professor Landscape Architecture, Outdoor Thermal Study... View Profile

Dr P Gopalakrishnan

Assistant Professor Sacred Architecture, Place Attachment... View Profile

Mr Amalan Sigmund Kaushik S

Assistant Professor Building Design and Construction... View Profile

Ms Bhagyasri K

Assistant Professor Architecture... View Profile

Ms Pudhuma Bharathi K

Assistant Professor Landscape... View Profile

Mr Saurabh Kumar

Assistant Professor Sustainable Architecture, Transport Planning... View Profile