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Prof J Sarat Chandra Babu

Professor (HAG) Power Characterization and Handling.... View Profile

Prof T K Radhakrishnan

Professor (HAG) Model Based Control, Control Relevant Identificati... View Profile

Prof P Sivashanmugam

Professor (HAG) Process Engineering, Process Modelling and Control... View Profile

Prof Mahizhnan Arivazhagan

Professor Environmental Engineering, Multiphase Flow Heat Tr... View Profile

Prof G Arthanareeswaran

Professor Organic-inorganic membranes, Nanofiltation and Ult... View Profile

Prof P Kalaichelvi

Professor Hydrodynamics of Jet mixers, Studies on Compact He... View Profile

Prof K M Meera Sheriffa Begum

Professor Conventional Transfer Operations, Liquid Membrane ... View Profile

Prof K Muthukumar

Professor Energy and Environment... View Profile

Dr A Arunagiri

Associate Professor Transfer Operations, Separation Operations, Hydrod... View Profile

Dr M Matheswaran

Associate Professor Waste water Treatment, Advance Oxidation Processes... View Profile

Dr M Perumalsamy

Associate Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics, Biomolecules Separat... View Profile

Dr S Saravanan

Associate Professor Transfer Operations, Biochemical Engineering, Comp... View Profile

Dr K N Sheeba

Associate Professor Energy Engineering, Chemical Engineering Thermodyn... View Profile

Dr T Sivasankar

Associate Professor Sonochemical Processes, Advanced Oxidation Technol... View Profile

Dr N Samssudeen

Assistant Professor Microbial Fuel Cell, Bioenergy, Biohydrogen, Wast... View Profile

Dr Nagajyothi Virivinti

Assistant Professor Optimization, Fuzzy optiimmiizzaattiioonn, Process... View Profile

Dr K Sankar

Assistant Professor Nonlinear Process Control, Fuel Cell Systems, Proc... View Profile

Dr Jyoti Sahu

Assistant Professor Mathematical Modelling; Thermodynamics; Electroche... View Profile

Dr Kartikeya Shukla

Assistant Professor Catalysis and Reaction Engineering, Polyester synt... View Profile