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Prof K Baskar

Professor Structural Engineering... View Profile

Prof Ganapathiraman Swaminathan

Professor An Engineering Teacher since 06.04.1988.Area of sp... View Profile

Prof K Muthukkumaran

Professor Geotechnical Engineering... View Profile

Prof S Jayalekshmi

Professor Geotechnical Engineering... View Profile

Dr R Gandhimathi

Professor Contaminant Transport Modeling, Solid Waste Manage... View Profile

Prof S T Ramesh

Professor Water treatment for domestic and industrial use... View Profile

Dr J Karthikeyan

Associate Professor Structural Engineering - Concrete Materials ... View Profile

Dr Nisha Radhakrishnan

Associate Professor Remote Sensing, Geographic Information System, Glo... View Profile

Dr Saravanan Subbarayan

Associate Professor Remote Sensing, Rainfall-Runoff modeling, Climate ... View Profile

Dr Deendayal Rathod

Associate Professor Soil-structure interaction, Pile Foundations, Offs... View Profile

Dr Laiju A R

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) water and wastewater treatment Advanced oxidation ... View Profile

Dr Prabha Mohandoss

Assistant Professor Structural performance of prestressed concrete sys... View Profile

Dr Aneesh Mathew

Assistant Professor Water Resources Engineering, GIS and Remote Sensin... View Profile

Dr Greegar George

Assistant Professor Structural Engineering, Probabilistic modeling, St... View Profile

Dr J. Sevugan Rajkannu

Assistant Professor Structural Engineering, Thin-walled steel & metal ... View Profile

Dr Makendran C

Assistant Professor Transportation Engineering, Urban Engineering, Rur... View Profile

Dr Chandaluri Vinay Kumar

Assistant Professor Laterally and Axially Loaded Piles, Earth Retainin... View Profile

Dr Kamal Krishna Bera

Assistant Professor Structural Dynamics, Wind and Earthquake Engineeri... View Profile

Dr Raghava Kumar Vanama

Assistant Professor Structural Engineering, Bridge Engineering, Durabi... View Profile

Ms R Arachelvi

Assistant Professor Advanced Construction Technology... View Profile

Dr Senthilkumar R

Assistant Professor Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures, Steel C... View Profile

Dr Sunitha V

Assistant Professor Civil Engineering and Transportation Engineering... View Profile

Dr Marisamynathan S

Assistant Professor Road Safety and Accident Analysis; Next Generat... View Profile

Dr Jeevan Joseph

Assistant Professor Soil Mechanics, Soil Instrumentation, Sensors, Ene... View Profile

Dr Mashudha Sulthana

Assistant Professor Civil Engineering... View Profile

Dr Raghavan R

Assistant Professor Steel structures, structural mechanics, stability ... View Profile

Dr Darshana O

Assistant Professor User perception, Traffic operations, Traffic Engin... View Profile

Dr S Moses Santhakumar

Professor (HAG) Intelligent Transportation Systems, Network Analys... View Profile