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Prof S Selvakumar

Professor Networks Principles and Protocols, High Speed Netw... View Profile

Prof N Ramasubramanian

Professor Multi-core Computer Architecture Advanced Digital ... View Profile

Prof R Leela Velusamy

Professor Wireless Sensor networks and Security... View Profile

Prof C Mala

Professor Data Structures andamp; Algorithms, Computer Netwo... View Profile

Prof S Mary Saira Bhanu

Professor Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Grid and Clo... View Profile

Dr M Sridevi

Associate Professor Computer Vision, Parallel processing, Machine Lear... View Profile

Dr Rajeswari Sridhar

Associate Professor Natural language Processing, Cloud computing, Big ... View Profile

Dr R Mohan

Assistant Professor High Performance Computing... View Profile

Dr S Jaya Nirmala

Assistant Professor Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics and Data Minin... View Profile

Dr Kunwar Singh

Assistant Professor Cryptography, Algorithms, Data structures, Graph T... View Profile

Dr E Sivasankar

Assistant Professor Data Warehousing and Data Mining, Web Technology, ... View Profile

Dr B Nithya

Assistant Professor Wireless Networks, IoT, Advanced Adata Structures,... View Profile

Dr B Shameedha Begum

Assistant Professor Computer Architecture... View Profile

Dr A Santhanavijayan

Assistant Professor Semanic Web, Web Mining, Machine Learning, Ontolog... View Profile

Dr M Brindha

Assistant Professor Multimedia security, Database security, Multimedia... View Profile

Dr Bala Krishnan R

Assistant Professor Soft Computing... View Profile

Dr Sai Krishna M

Assistant Professor Computer Science... View Profile

Dr Sitara K

Assistant Professor Image Processing, Video Forensics, Image forensics... View Profile

Dr Kamalika Bhattacharjee

Assistant Professor Cellular Automata, Randomness, Algorithms... View Profile

Dr Chandramani Chaudhary

Assistant Professor Image Processing... View Profile

Dr Jakkepalli Pavan Kumar

Assistant Professor Graph Theory, Algorithms, Computational Complexity... View Profile

Dr Madhukrishna Priyadarsini

Assistant Professor Software-defined Network, Game Theory, IoT, Compu... View Profile

Dr Oswald C

Assistant Professor Data Mining, Computational Science for Social Goo... View Profile

Dr S. Usha Kiruthika

Assistant Professor Multi-agent systems, Artificial Intelligence, Clou... View Profile