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Prof S Selvakumar

Professor Networks Principles and Protocols, High Speed Netw... View Profile

Prof C Mala

Professor Data Structures andamp; Algorithms, Computer Netwo... View Profile

Prof S Mary Saira Bhanu

Professor Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Grid and Clo... View Profile

Prof N Ramasubramanian

Professor Multi-core Computer Architecture Advanced Digital ... View Profile

Prof R Leela Velusamy

Professor Wireless Sensor networks and Security... View Profile

Dr Rajeswari Sridhar

Associate Professor Natural language Processing, Cloud computing, Big ... View Profile

Dr M Sridevi

Associate Professor Computer Vision, Parallel processing, Machine Lear... View Profile

Dr Chandramani Chaudhary

Assistant Professor Image Processing... View Profile

Dr Sitara K

Assistant Professor Image Processing, Video Forensics, Image forensics... View Profile

Dr Kamalika Bhattacharjee

Assistant Professor Cellular Automata, Randomness, Algorithms... View Profile

Dr S. Usha Kiruthika

Assistant Professor Multi-agent systems, Artificial Intelligence, Clou... View Profile

Dr Sai Krishna M

Assistant Professor Computer Science... View Profile

Dr Oswald C

Assistant Professor Data Mining, Computational Science for Social Goo... View Profile

Dr Madhukrishna Priyadarsini

Assistant Professor Software-defined Network, Game Theory, IoT, Compu... View Profile

Dr Jakkepalli Pavan Kumar

Assistant Professor Graph Theory, Algorithms, Computational Complexity... View Profile

Dr B Nithya

Assistant Professor Wireless Networks, IoT, Advanced Adata Structures,... View Profile

Dr Kunwar Singh

Assistant Professor Cryptography, Algorithms, Data structures, Graph T... View Profile

Dr S Jaya Nirmala

Assistant Professor Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics and Data Minin... View Profile

Dr R Mohan

Assistant Professor High Performance Computing... View Profile

Dr E Sivasankar

Assistant Professor Data Warehousing and Data Mining, Web Technology, ... View Profile

Dr B Shameedha Begum

Assistant Professor Computer Architecture... View Profile

Dr M Brindha

Assistant Professor Multimedia security, Database security, Multimedia... View Profile

Dr A Santhanavijayan

Assistant Professor Semanic Web, Web Mining, Machine Learning, Ontolog... View Profile

Dr Bala Krishnan R

Assistant Professor Soft Computing... View Profile