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Prof S Sudha

Professor Computer Networks, Operating Systems, Distributed ... View Profile

Dr M P Selvan

Professor Grid Interaction of Electric Vehicles in Smart Gri... View Profile

Dr Sishaj P Simon

Professor Restructured Power System, Artificial Intelligence... View Profile

Prof N Kumaresan

Professor Application of power electronic controllers in Ren... View Profile

Prof M Jaya Bharata Reddy

Professor DSP applications for Digital Relaying , Wide Area ... View Profile

Dr P Srinivasa Rao Nayak

Associate Professor Power Electronics, Electric Vehicles, Wireless pow... View Profile

Dr G Saravana Ilango

Associate Professor Power Electronics Controllers., FACTS Controllers,... View Profile

Dr P Raja

Associate Professor Electrical Machines , Power System Protection and ... View Profile

Dr M Venkata Kirthiga

Associate Professor Distributed Generation,Micro-grids, Power Systems,... View Profile

Dr V Sankaranarayanan

Associate Professor Nonlinear control, Control of underactuated system... View Profile

Dr Pinkymol K P

Assistant Professor Power Electronic Converters, Solid State Transform... View Profile

Dr Ankur Singh Rana

Assistant Professor Microgrid, Wide Area Measurement System, PMU, Smar... View Profile

Dr S Kayalvizhi

Assistant Professor Planning studies in the active distribution networ... View Profile

Dr Aneesa Farhan M A

Assistant Professor Distributed Generation and Microgrids, Microgrid P... View Profile

Dr Sateesh Kumar KUNCHAM

Assistant Professor Power Electronic Converters, Multi level inverters... View Profile

Dr Jose Thankachan

Assistant Professor Power Electronics, Switched Reluctance Machines, E... View Profile

Dr Shelas Sathyan

Assistant Professor Power Electronics and Drives... View Profile

Dr Karthik Thirumala

Assistant Professor Power Quality, Power Electronic applications to Po... View Profile

Dr Manoranjan Sahoo

Assistant Professor Power Electronics... View Profile

Dr Josephine R L

Assistant Professor Power Electronics, Renewable Energy Systems, Power... View Profile

Dr S Mageshwari

Assistant Professor Analog and Digital Electronics, Computer Networks ... View Profile

Dr Vivek Mohan

Assistant Professor Electric Power System Management... View Profile

Prof K Sundareswaran

Professor (HAG) Power Electronics... View Profile

Prof S Arul Daniel

Professor (HAG) Distributed generators, Micro-grids, Power Electro... View Profile

Prof C Nagamani

Professor (HAG) Variable speed drives, Wind electrical energy conv... View Profile