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Prof D Sriram Kumar

Professor Microwave integrated circuits, Optical networks, S... View Profile

Dr M Bhaskar

Professor DSP Architectures and applications, Low power VLSI... View Profile

Prof P Muthuchidambaranathan

Professor Signal Processing, Wireless Communication, Machine... View Profile

Prof G Lakshminarayanan

Professor VLSI based Wireless System Design/Physical Layer D... View Profile

Prof P Palanisamy

Professor Statistical Signal Processing , Adaptive filter a... View Profile

Dr S S Karthikeyan

Associate Professor RF Microwave, Engineering, Antennas, Additive manu... View Profile

Dr R Pandeeswari

Associate Professor Electromagnetics, Microwave Engineering, Waveguide... View Profile

Dr G Thavasi Raja

Associate Professor Fiber Optics & Photonics, Digital Communication... View Profile

Dr R K Jeyachitra

Associate Professor Optical Wireless Communication (OWC), Communicatio... View Profile

Dr E S Gopi

Associate Professor Pattern recognition, Computational intelligence an... View Profile

Dr B Malarkodi

Associate Professor Optical Communication, Computer Networks, Adhoc ne... View Profile

Dr Varun P Gopi

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Signal Processing, Medical Image Processing, Machi... View Profile

Dr Parthasarathy Ramanujam

Assistant Professor Antennas Engineering, Microwave Filters, Substrat... View Profile

Dr Srinivasulu Jogi

Assistant Professor Signal Processing, Nonlinear Systems, Multi-dimen... View Profile

Dr Avik Hati

Assistant Professor Computer Vision, Image Processing, Machine Learnin... View Profile

Dr B. Naresh Kumar Reddy

Assistant Professor MPSoC, Network-on-Chip, Embedded System and VLSI.... View Profile

Dr Bukke Chandrababu Naik

Assistant Professor Image Processing, VLSI Design, and Microwave Anten... View Profile

Dr Bibin Francis

Assistant Professor Signal Processing, Image processing. Optimization... View Profile

Dr P Maheswaran

Assistant Professor Wireless Communication, Signal Processing, Coopera... View Profile

Dr Murali Krishna R

Assistant Professor Energy Harvesting, Ultra Low Power circuit design,... View Profile

Dr R K Kavitha

Assistant Professor Asynchronous System Design, Low Power VLSI System ... View Profile

Dr Ramanathan Malmathanraj

Assistant Professor Reinforcement learning, Medical Image processing, ... View Profile

Dr S Deivalakshmi

Assistant Professor Digital Image Processing, Signal Processing... View Profile

Dr B Rebekka

Assistant Professor Wireless Communication, Computer Networks, Microwa... View Profile

Dr V Sudha

Assistant Professor Wireless Communication, mm wave Communication Syst... View Profile

Dr Sudharsan Parthasarathy

Assistant Professor Machine Learning for Wireless Communication, Image... View Profile

Ms R Thilagavathy

Assistant Professor Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, VLSI system des... View Profile

Dr Hemant Kumar

Assistant Professor Antennas and Microwave Passive Circuits... View Profile