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Prof K Murugesan

Professor (HAG) Numerical Techniques CNN, Image Processing.... View Profile

Prof R Ponalagusamy

Professor (HAG) Computational Bio-Mathematics, Computer Models on ... View Profile

Prof T N Janakiraman

Professor (HAG) Graph Theory and its Applications, Algorithms... View Profile

Prof V Ravichandran

Professor Prof. Ravichandran works in geometric function the... View Profile

Prof V Kumaran

Professor Appilied Mathematics, Fluid Dynamics, Heat and Mas... View Profile

Dr P Saikrishnan

Professor Boundary Layer Theory, Finite Element Analysis.... View Profile

Dr V Lakshmana Gomathi Nayagam

Associate Professor Fuzzy Topological Structures, Fuzzy Algebraic Stru... View Profile

Dr R Tamil Selvi

Associate Professor Fluid Dynamics... View Profile

Dr V Shanthi

Associate Professor Differential Equations and Numerical Analysis... View Profile

Dr N Prakash

Assistant Professor Functional Analysis, Best Approximation Theory, Ge... View Profile

Dr Jitraj Saha

Assistant Professor Mathematical and Numerical Analysis of ODEs and PD... View Profile

Dr Vamsinadh Thota

Assistant Professor Functional Analysis, Best approximation theory and... View Profile

Dr I Jeyaraman

Assistant Professor Optimization, Complementarity Problems... View Profile

Dr N Shivaranjani

Assistant Professor Mathematics... View Profile

Dr Atul Kumar Verma

Assistant Professor Mathematical Modelling, Statistical Mechanics, Mat... View Profile

Dr M Sivanesan

Assistant Professor Wave-structure interactions, Boundary value proble... View Profile

Dr Abhijit Das

Assistant Professor Fluid Dynamics... View Profile

Dr Gowthami Ranganathan

Assistant Professor Stochastic Processes-Queueing Theory- Phase type ... View Profile

Dr Balasubramani N

Assistant Professor Fractal, Numerical Analysis and Differential Equat... View Profile

Dr Gautam Singh

Assistant Professor Numerical Analysis, Finite Element Methods, Disco... View Profile