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Prof M Udayakumar

Professor (HAG) Thermodynamics, I.C.Engines, Combustion, Fluid Pow... View Profile

Prof Sankaranarayanasamy K

Professor (HAG) Ergonomics at Work Place, Industrial Safety, Laser... View Profile

Prof K Sankaranarayanasamy

Professor CAD/CAM, Pressure Vessels Design, Vibrational Anal... View Profile

Prof R B Anand

Professor Fluid Mechanics, Turbomachines, Power Plant Engine... View Profile

Prof S P Sivapirakasam

Professor Industrial Safety Engineering, Occupational Health... View Profile

Prof S Venkatachalapathy

Professor Electronic cooling, Heat transfer, Computational F... View Profile

Prof A R Veerappan

Professor FEM, Thermal Power Equipment Design, Fluid Mechani... View Profile

Mr S S Arulappan

Associate Professor Machine Design... View Profile

Dr K Pannirselvam

Associate Professor Instrumentation... View Profile

Dr M Shahul Hameed

Associate Professor Vapour Absorption Refrigeration, Alternate Refrige... View Profile

Dr V Arul Mozhi Selvan

Associate Professor Automobile Engineering, Advanced IC Engines, Bio-F... View Profile

Dr K R Balasubramanian

Associate Professor Thermal Engineering, Thermodynamics, Design, Laser... View Profile

Dr R Anand

Associate Professor Thermodynamics, Waste to Energy Conversion, Intern... View Profile

Dr V Mariappan

Associate Professor Thermodynamics, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning... View Profile

Dr T Ramesh

Associate Professor Engineering Design, Finite Element Methods, MEMS a... View Profile

Dr N Siva Shanmugam

Associate Professor Finite Element Method, Welding Laser, TIG, Frictio... View Profile

Dr S Suresh

Associate Professor Fluid Mechanics, Thermal Engineering and Heat Tran... View Profile

Dr Nanda Naik Korra

Assistant Professor Design of Machine Members, Kinematics of Machines,... View Profile

Dr S S Harish Kruthiventi

Assistant Professor Refrigeration, heat exchangers design, mixed refri... View Profile

Dr P Kaushik

Assistant Professor Fluid Dynamics, Computational Fluid Mechanics, Non... View Profile

Dr Vedharaj Sivasankaralingam

Assistant Professor IC engines, Alternate fuels, Combustion, emission,... View Profile

Dr Ashok Kumar Nallathambi

Assistant Professor Thermal stresses in metal quenching and casting pr... View Profile

Dr Sreejith Mohan

Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Raghu Ram Karthik Desu

Assistant Professor Granular Mechanics; - Machine learning applied to... View Profile

Dr G Rajasekaran

Assistant Professor Machine Design, Mechanics of Nano-materials, Molec... View Profile

Dr Prakash Rajendran

Assistant Professor Composite Materials and Mechanics, Computational ... View Profile

Dr Bishweshwar Babu

Assistant Professor Solid Mechanics and Design, Finite Element Method,... View Profile