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Prof S Venkatachalapathy

Professor Electronic cooling, Heat transfer, Computational F... View Profile

Prof A R Veerappan

Professor FEM, Thermal Power Equipment Design, Fluid Mechani... View Profile

Prof R B Anand

Professor Fluid Mechanics, Turbomachines, Power Plant Engine... View Profile

Prof S P Sivapirakasam

Professor Industrial Safety Engineering, Occupational Health... View Profile

Prof K Sankaranarayanasamy

Professor CAD/CAM, Pressure Vessels Design, Vibrational Anal... View Profile

Dr R Anand

Associate Professor Thermodynamics, Waste to Energy Conversion, Intern... View Profile

Dr T Ramesh

Associate Professor Engineering Design, Finite Element Methods, MEMS a... View Profile

Dr S Suresh

Associate Professor Fluid Mechanics, Thermal Engineering and Heat Tran... View Profile

Dr K R Balasubramanian

Associate Professor Thermal Engineering, Thermodynamics, Design, Laser... View Profile

Dr N Siva Shanmugam

Associate Professor Finite Element Method, Welding Laser, TIG, Frictio... View Profile

Dr V Mariappan

Associate Professor Thermodynamics, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning... View Profile

Dr M Shahul Hameed

Associate Professor Vapour Absorption Refrigeration, Alternate Refrige... View Profile

Dr K Pannirselvam

Associate Professor Instrumentation... View Profile

Mr S S Arulappan

Associate Professor Machine Design... View Profile

Dr Raghu Ram Karthik Desu

Assistant Professor Granular Mechanics; - Machine learning applied to... View Profile

Dr Bishweshwar Babu

Assistant Professor Solid Mechanics and Design, Finite Element Method,... View Profile

Dr G Rajasekaran

Assistant Professor Machine Design, Mechanics of Nano-materials, Molec... View Profile

Dr Prakash Rajendran

Assistant Professor Composite Materials and Mechanics, Computational ... View Profile

Dr Sreejith Mohan

Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Dr P Kaushik

Assistant Professor Fluid Dynamics, Computational Fluid Mechanics, Non... View Profile

Dr Ashok Kumar Nallathambi

Assistant Professor Thermal stresses in metal quenching and casting pr... View Profile

Dr S S Harish Kruthiventi

Assistant Professor Refrigeration, heat exchangers design, mixed refri... View Profile

Dr Vedharaj Sivasankaralingam

Assistant Professor IC engines, Alternate fuels, Combustion, emission,... View Profile

Prof M Udayakumar

Professor (HAG) Thermodynamics, I.C.Engines, Combustion, Fluid Pow... View Profile

Prof Sankaranarayanasamy K

Professor (HAG) Ergonomics at Work Place, Industrial Safety, Laser... View Profile