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Prof T Srinivasa Rao

Professor (HAG) Development of Composites through Powder Metallurg... View Profile

Prof S P Kumaresh Babu

Professor Foundry Engineering, Process Metallurgy, Weldment ... View Profile

Prof S Raman Sankaranarayanan

Professor Metallurgical Engineering, Materials Engineering, ... View Profile

Prof S Kumaran

Professor Powder Compaction and Sintering, Non-Equilibrium M... View Profile

Dr S Muthukumaran

Professor Welding Engineering, Manufacturing technology and ... View Profile

Prof B Ravisankar

Professor Mechanical Behavior and Metal Forming.... View Profile

Dr Katakam Siva Prasad

Associate Professor Mechanical Behavior of Metallic Materials and Thei... View Profile

Dr S Jerome

Assistant Professor Welding Processes, Welding Metallurgy, FEA in Weld... View Profile

Dr N Ramesh Babu

Assistant Professor Biomaterials, Ceramic Materials, Nanomaterials, Na... View Profile

Dr Devarajan Nagarajan

Assistant Professor Metal Forming –Sheet and Bulk; Incremental Sheet... View Profile

Dr Karthik V

Assistant Professor Computational Materials Science, Nano(fluids)mater... View Profile

Dr Nimu Chand Reger

Assistant Professor Materials Science, Heat Treatment, Bio-materials ... View Profile

Dr A Muthuchamy

Assistant Professor Metal Joining, Metal Matrix Composites, Welding Me... View Profile

Dr Prince Gideon Kubendran Amos

Assistant Professor Not Expertise but interested in: - Theoretical st... View Profile

Dr Illa Mani Pujitha

Assistant Professor Energy storage Batteries, Bacterial Cellulose, Sol... View Profile

Dr Anand S

Assistant Professor Modeling of reactive and transport processes in Ex... View Profile

Dr Vinothkumar Govindaraj

Assistant Professor solid-state reactions, grain boundary engineering,... View Profile