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Prof R Jeyapaul

Professor Industrial Engineering... View Profile

Dr V Senthilkumar

Professor Manufacturing Technology... View Profile

Dr V Anandakrishnan

Professor Additive Manufacturing processes, Powder Metallurg... View Profile

Prof P Sathiya

Professor Welding, Material Characterization... View Profile

Prof M Duraiselvam

Professor Laser surface engineering and tribology, Laser mic... View Profile

Dr P Parthiban

Professor Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Operations ... View Profile

Dr Sekar Vinodh

Professor Agile Manufacturing, Lean Production, Sustainable ... View Profile

Dr J Jerald

Associate Professor Flexible Manufacturing System, Micro and Nano Mach... View Profile

Dr D Lenin Singaravelu

Associate Professor Friction Materials, Tribology, Non-conventional Ma... View Profile

Dr S Prasanna Venkatesan

Associate Professor Supply chain risk management, E-Waste management, ... View Profile

Dr K Panneerselvam

Associate Professor Composite Materials Processing, Fluid Power Contro... View Profile

Dr P Senthil

Associate Professor Machining and Rapid Prototyping... View Profile

Dr C Sathiya Narayanan

Associate Professor Sheet Metal Forming, EDM... View Profile

Dr Pintu Kumar

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Metal Forming, Joining ... View Profile

Dr Prakash Kumar

Assistant Professor Production Engineering, Machine Design, Vibration... View Profile

Dr Santosh Kumar Mishra

Assistant Professor Production Engineering... View Profile

Dr Matruprasad Rout

Assistant Professor Bulk Metal Forming, High-temperature deformation, ... View Profile

Dr Deepak Deelip Patil

Assistant Professor Micro Nano Manufacturing, Precision Engineering, F... View Profile

Dr Vineet Kumar Yadav

Assistant Professor Advanced Manufacturing Processes, Hybrid Machining... View Profile

Dr VimalĀ  K E K

Assistant Professor Supply Chain Management; Industry 4.0... View Profile

Dr T Jagadesh

Assistant Professor Laser Material Processing, Tool based micromachini... View Profile

Dr Satheeshkumar V

Assistant Professor Manufacturing Engineering... View Profile

Dr Vasu M

Assistant Professor Manufacturing, Machinability Studies, Optimization... View Profile

Prof Somasundaram Kumanan

Professor (HAG) Intelligent Manufacturing, Modelling, Simulation O... View Profile

Prof P Asokan

Professor (HAG) Operation Management, Optimization in Manufacturin... View Profile